1st Heart & Lung Nurses Conference

November 2015

The Baird Institute’s 1st Heart & Lung Nurses Conference focused upon the surgical care of patients requiring cardiac intervention with four rotating workshops to enable small group learning in conjunction with patient-centred care. The day was designed to provide practical and informative updates on the management and care of patients in the perioperative and post-operative period.

The event was held on Saturday 28th November 2015 through the support of The Baird Institute and Strathfield Private Hospital. Nurses from Strathfield Private and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals participated in the event. Major sponsors for this occasion were Strathfield Private Hospital and St Jude Medical.

The Baird Institute wishes to extend its thanks to Ms. Cassandra Broad who helped organise the day and to the key speakers who made the day such an exciting and informative event. These experts included The Baird Chairman and Board members speaking from their cardiothoracic and research expertise, The Baird Institute doctoral fellows and Registered Nurses with expertise in patient care, management and critical problem-solving.

Guest speakers from The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Concord Repatriation General Hospital and from St Jude Medical helped make the day a successful and productive event.

Presentations discussed major surgical procedures, complications from cardiac and lung disease encountered during the perioperative and post-operative period and current treatment modalities.

Subject matter ranged from the latest in robotic surgery, use of innovative materials to improve surgical outcomes and advances in technology that improve cardiac surgical techniques.

Four workshops were presented for all attendees to experience smaller group discussion and to have input from radiology, surgery, nursing and trade company specialists. A wet lab was held for pig heart dissection and anatomy and physiology review, as well as chest x-ray interpretation, management of emergent chest re-opening in critical care and the use of intra-aortic balloon pump for patient survival.

The patient voice was heard with a discussion of unanticipated psychological effects of surgery, including the management of depression despite a successful surgical outcome. Mr. Phillip Koperberg spoke about his own personal experiences after cardiac surgery – a discussion which resonated with operating theatre, intensive care and cardiac ward nurses.

Sixty-three delegates were registered for the event from Perioperative Nursing, Critical Care and Cardiothoracic Surgical departments. This presented a challenge for the organisers to ensure that the sessions appealed to the three different areas of expertise in cardiac nursing. Forty-three survey responses were received at the conclusion of the day; a response rate of 73%.

Continuing Professional Development certification (CPD) was obtained through the Australian College of Nursing, providing a professional and documented approach to acknowledging the content delivered to participants. Overall the Cardiac Nurses’ Education day was deemed a success by both participants and organisers. It is anticipated that a biennial event will be held and that it will be open to perioperative, intensive care and ward-based nurses.








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