Zhu MZL, Newman MA, Joshi P, Passage J

Heart Lung Circ 2017 Nov;26(11):e82-e85

PMID: 28506647


Advancements in bioprosthetic valve technology have greatly enhanced the haemodynamic performance and long-term durability of tissue valves. These features, along with the key advantage of avoiding lifelong anticoagulation, have made bioprosthetic valves increasingly attractive for clinicians and patients alike. The St Jude Trifecta valve is a novel, bovine pericardial bioprosthesis with promising early data for performance and safety. However, no prosthetic valve is perfect and prosthesis failure can occur with even the most reliable and well-designed devices. We report a case of early and acute structural deterioration (stent-post leaflet rupture) of the Trifecta valve, explanted after 33 months, in a 76-year-old male.