Aortic Diseases Research Team

Thoracic aortic aneurysm disease is rapidly becoming one of the most common but silent killers in western society. Many conditions are inherited including Marfan’s disease and those associated with abnormal heart valves. Our research is aimed at determining the precise genetic basis of thoracic aortic aneurysms, the mechanisms leading to the changes in the aorta, and developing peripheral tests to detect enlargement of the aorta and imminent rupture. Our goal is to determine when surgical intervention is optimal or at the lowest risk time for the patient.

Current team members

Name Position Research Question
Paul Bannon Professor  Supervisor
Richmond Jeremy Professor  Supervisor
Michael Vallely Professor  Supervisor
Andrew Sherrah PhD Student How can patients with aortopathy be best managed following diagnosis
Kei Woldendorp MBBS Student Thirty-day morbidity & mortality of aortic root reconstruction surgery

Past team members

Name Position Research Question
Ratnasari (Sari) Padang PhD Student Clinicopathological correlation and the genetic basis of familial and sporadic bicuspid aortic valve disease
Rebecca Harris Honours Student Outcomes of surgical aortic valve replacement in octogenarians