Innovative Heart Surgery Research Team

Heart surgery in our population presents us with unique difficulties, challenges and opportunities. Our research aims to improve the survival and quality of life of the higher risk cardiac patient through the development of novel surgical techniques and strategies, and investigating the specific interactions between the heart-lung machine and the body in the laboratory and clinical practice.

Current team members

Name Position Research Question
Michael Vallely Professor Supervisor
Paul Bannon Professor Supervisor
James Edelman Senior Researcher Supervisor
Michael Seco Edwards Lifesciences Fellowship, MBBS/PhD Student Minimising the invasiveness of cardiac surgery in elderly and high-risk patients
Bryan Lim MBBS Student Early intervention for structural heart disease

Roneil Parikh

PhD Candidate

Assessing the role of high sensitivity Troponin I as a biomarker to predict complications and survival after cardiac surgery


Past team members

Name Position Research Question
James Edelman Medtronic Fellowship, PhD Student Mechanisms of linking tissue injury with inflammation. Mechanisms of thrombotic complications during and after surgery.
Reece Davies Honours Student Outcomes of aortic arch replacement surgery and evolution of techniques in the last 20 years.
Edward Cooper Honours Student Does off-pump coronary artery bypass offer any survival advantage or decrease morbidity in high-risk subgroups.