The Baird Institute is the only dedicated cardiothoracic surgical training and research

institute in Australia.

Your valuable support enables us to continue our research into heart and lung post operative research and patient care.

Listed below are all the names of the companies and people who continue to support us in our important work. If you are an individual or a company and would like to find out more about becoming a supporter, please contact us now.


Partners in Research & High Value Donors

Aspin, Margaret

Balmer, Jean

Bell, Kenneth

Berman, David A

Bertolet, Elizabeth

Bird Family

Bourke, Peter Gerald

Dallimore, Steve & Michele

Davies, Julie A

Dennis, Charles

Ede, Dianne J

Edwards, Robert

Ellen, Jill

Finch, Kerrie Elizabeth

Fletcher, Herbert H.

Galvin, Annette Yvonne

Greenaway, Kenneth George

Griffiths, Robert

Hall, Douglas Godfrey

Hau, Thanh Duc

Herrmann, Dudley Charles

Jaric, Mijo (Mick)

Knight, James Arthur

Lagilevu, Aisea

Lam, Thanh Diem

Leabeater, Margo Rose

Lewis, Ronald Henry

Lozan, Peter

Marschall, Dr and Mrs Richard

McAlister, Graeme C

McCarthy, Terry

Molesworth, Sue

Murray, Robert Gordon

Northill, Edith H

On, Thi Thua

Oosterhuis, Wiepko

Oregan, John E (Jack)

Paget, Reginald G

Palmer, Bryan

Papadopoulos, Con

Quinn, Patricia Wade

Rae, Jeanie

Reed, Geoffrey Arthur

Reed, Janice

Rodwell, Olive Lorraine

Scoulis, Peter

Smith, Celia L

Smith, Christine

Tan, Kim T

Tomlinson, Ian

Tegel, Ross & Pam

Underwood, Wendy

Wilster, Pamela

Bennett, P.P & N.A

Bishop, John Anthony

Cathcart, Graham

Collins, John D

Davies, Julie A

Dogao, Guerrino P & Laura

Dolton, Lesley Joan

Ferguson, Marlene J

Hooper, Ken

Johnson, Pat

Kennedy, Doreen Olive

Kuczalski, Bigger

Leverton, K.C.

Meyrick, Marie T

Pascoe, Bert & Marg

Quinn, Patricia Wade

Ramsay, Alan

Rooke, Betty E

Thomas, Rodney

Turley, Graham

Van der Oest, Louise J