At The Baird Institute, research is being conducted in the following five areas:

Aortic Diseases

Our research is aimed at determining the precise genetic basis of thoracic aortic aneurysms, the mechanisms leading to the changes in the aorta, and developing peripheral tests to detect enlargement of the aorta and imminent rupture. Our goal is to determine when surgical intervention is optimal or at the lowest risk time for the patient.

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Innovative Heart Surgery

Our research aims to improve the survival and quality of life of the higher risk cardiac patient through the development of novel surgical techniques and strategies, and investigating the specific interactions between the heart-lung machine and the body in the laboratory and clinical practice.

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Our research is aimed at producing biocompatible devices by electromagnetically coating foreign surfaces with recombinant synthetic human elastin and fibronectin. This technique is currently being developed to build new blood vessels in the laboratory. As biocompatibility is demonstrated, the technology and knowledge gained may be used to produce other biocompatible devices.

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Thoracic Cancer & Mesothelioma

Our researchers have the largest experience with lung cancer, particularly mesothelioma, in Australia. Through our research into the early detection and surgical management, we are making progress in improving patient outcomes.

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Clinical Evidence

Professor Doug Baird initiated an empirical approach to cardiothoracic surgical advancement by establishing the cardiothoracic database at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. This tradition continues, as our research is underpinned and supported by clinical data from surgical procedures undertaken over many decades.  This analysis is used to develop guidelines for surgical management and produce outlines for future research.

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