Thoracic Cancer & Mesothelioma Research Team

Our researchers have the largest experience with lung cancer, particularly mesothelioma, in Australia. A well co-ordinated and determined approach to the surgical management of these cancers has led to an international reputation for excellence in surgical results and total patient care. Mesothelioma remains a devastating condition. Through our research into early detection and surgical management we are making progress in improving patient outcomes. However, collaboration and an “all hands on deck” approach are key to further advancement of this condition.

Current team members

Name Position Research Question
Paul Bannon Professor Supervisor
Jocelyn McLean Comcare Grant Holder, Nurse Mesothelioma Support Group coordinator


Past team members

Name Position Research Question
Ben Robinson Honours Students, Cardiothoracic Surgical Trainee Outcomes following resection of non-small cell lung cancer and lung cancer epidemiology
Tristan Yan Slater & Gordon Fellowship, Master of Surgery Student The surgical management of pleural mesothelioma
Christopher Cao PhD Student Surgical management of mesothelioma and non-small cell lung cancer