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At the Baird Institute, we seek to improve patient care and survival
in a number of ways …

Focus on Patients

The most important part of our work as surgeons, physicians and nurses is to identify real problems experienced every day by real patients. We then design relevant research programs to answer specific patient problems.

Focus on Education & Training

The Baird Institute believes there is an enormous potential in the computer age to develop techniques that will teach our surgeons to operate and think without having to “practise” initially on someone’s mother or father, son or daughter.


The focus of our work is patients. It is for these people that Prof. Douglas Baird worked so hard, and it is for these people, that The Baird Institute exists today.


Early in 2011, The Baird Institute’s and Sydney Cardiothoracic Surgeons’ (SCTS) launched the first extrapleural pneumonectomy patient support group.


The Baird Institute’s flexible structure allows surgeons, physicians and nurses to undertake research in the wards of major teaching hospitals or in affiliated research laboratories.


The Baird Institute has an integral link with the team at Sydney Heart & Lung Surgeons.